Are you tired of the craziness found in both the official and unofficial races. Are you frustrated with poor driver attitudes and the enraged drivers who ruin everyone's fun, or maybe the flaming, bullying, and other nonsense by those with no tolerance or patience. Are you looking for fun and friendly people to race with people who are trying to get better? Then please read on...…..   

Hello and Welcome.

This virtual IRacing league was created by four friends who just want to race together and have fun without all the nonsense. We are a new league for the up and coming drivers of iRacing. Why? Because that's exactly what we are. We have started our first season and are looking to continue expanding and growing with the right drivers. We hope you are the type of driver we are looking for and will consider joining us, but first we need you to READ, UNDERSTAND and KNOW our rules and learn what we are all about.

First and foremost, we want to have fun, race with like minded people, have competitive races, and keep the rules easy and simple. We are mostly looking for iRacers who are careful drivers that are dedicated to getting better with every lap. Veterans (2500+ iRating) are welcome, but please realize that the competition may be slightly below the level you are looking for. We also want drivers who will show up for every race or communicate when they cannot. Consistent attendance is important.

We are looking for friendly and mature drivers that like to participate in a fun weekly race league. If you have a hot temper, or all you care about is winning at all costs, then this league is not for you. Please do not apply, you would be wasting our time and yours. If you are dedicated to improving your race-craft and improving you driving skills, and you are a fun, friendly, and most importantly a patient person, this may be the league you are looking for. 

Drivers who apply should have the ability to run in traffic without causing needless accidents. Speed isn't a deciding factor on whether or not you are a good fit for this league. Sacrificing speed for car control is more important to us. We are by no means perfect and won't expect you to be, but drivers who end up causing problems and have an attitude will be quickly removed from the league. We are also looking for drivers who will be dedicated to running races weekly throughout the course of the race season(s) and beyond.
This league was created by mature adults for mature adults. If you are accepted into the league and are of the "younger" generation, your maturity will dictate your continued membership in our league. You must be at least 16 years of age to be considered for membership. 

Still interested?  Please check out our parameters and rules below to make sure this league is a fit for you. 

Section 1: League Parameters

1.1  System: PC
1.2  Game: iRacing
1.3  Maximum number of Drivers: 40
1.4  Race Length: 35 - 45% (depending on track) of the real NASCAR races.
Fuel: 50%

1.6  Assists: OFF 
1.7  Car Setups: Fixed, (Baseline or Track Specific iRacing supplied setup.)
1.8  Damage: FULL
1.9  Fast Repairs: 1 per race
1.10  Cautions: ON
1.11  Green/White/Checker: 1 attempt.
1.12  Substitute drivers are prohibited.
1.13  Fees : None. 


Section 1A: Holocup Series Parameters

1A.1  Race Day: Wednesdays
1A.2  Practice Time 7:30 ET : 6:30 CT
1A.3  Qualifying Time: 8:30 ET : 7:30 CT
1A.4  Race Time: 8:35 ET : 7:35 CT

Section 1B: TNT, TNAC Series Parameters

1B.1  Race Day: Tuesdays (Starting Jan 2021)
1B.2  Practice Time 7:30 ET : 6:30 CT
1B.3  Qualifying Time: 8:30 ET : 7:30 CT
1B.4  Race Time: 8:35 ET : 7:35 CT

Section 2: League Requirement
2.1  Racing wheel and pedals (no handheld controllers or keyboard/mouse driving allowed)
2.2  Microphone
2.3  Discord
2.4  Trading Paints
2.5  20 minutes pre-race practice participation
2.6  Mandatory attendance at pre-race drivers meeting (Discord)

2.7 New members: Must have at least a D license and minimum of the following in Official oval races:
      2000 oval laps and under a 6.00 Incident rating.
      1000 oval laps and under a 5.00 Incident rating 
       500 oval laps and under 4.00 Incident rating.

2.8  In game chat is reserved for race related information ONLY: Wreck warnings, Black Flag removal requests, Pace car location, Pitting notifications.

Section 3: Car Parameters

3.1  Paint Schemes: At your discretion, however - inappropriate or vulgar content is prohibited.
3.2  No baked Car Numbers (should not be painted onto your custom paint schemes)
3.3  Visible and easy to see car numbers. Should not blend into car base paint color. (done in iRacing paint) 
3.4  Car Numbers: First come, first serve basis. Taken numbers are listed on the cars and drivers page in numeric order.

​Section 4: Qualifying

4.1  Drivers are NOT required to qualify. 
4.2  No in-game or Discord chat during qualifying time.
4.3  Cars may go below the white or yellow line when qualifying, but it is not recommended on some tracks. Going below a double yellow line is always

Section 5: Racing Conduct

5.1  Always follow iRacing in game directions and league admin directions.
5.2  Follow instructions by iRacing for Lucky Dog rule.
5.3  No racing below the double yellow line (unless avoiding accident), No racing under the yellow line at Daytona  or Talladega.
5.4  No careless/reckless driving.
5.5  No aggressive driving. Aggressive driving is defined as (but not limited to)

      *Dive bombing corners.
      *Spinning car ahead to gain position or any other needless reason.
      *Blocking (only allowed within 5 final laps)
      *Pinning cars high or low (always give room)
      *Prioritizing speed over car control. 

      *No intentional wrecking (self or other drivers)
      *No driver retaliation.
5.6  Drivers who frequently cause cautions resulting in penalty will be coached and ultimately removed from the league if problems persist.


​Section 6: Starts and Restarts

6.1  iRacing will control all starts and restarts. 
6.2  No exceeding pace speed prior to “green flag” signal
6.3  No laying back. Close the gap. Half a car length maximum, quarter car length preferred.
6.4  Always maintain and drive the track pace speed when in line.
6.5  No changing lanes before start/finish line.
6.6  Always start In 2nd Gear.
6.7  GO ON GREEN with caution. Watch car ahead of you, everyone gets the signal at the same time.

Section 7: Pitting

7.1  Always announce your pitting intentions verbally using in-game chat.   
       Format: 67 pitting now or 67 going low to pit.  67 coming out or 67 exiting pit
7.2  Get single file as quickly and safely as possible if multiple cars are pitting.
7.3  Keep right while driving to your pit.
7.4  No passing in pit lane
7.5  Do not drive thru any more than 3 to 5 stalls entering your pit
7.6  Do not drive thru any more than 1 to 2 stalls exiting your pit.
7.7  Take the low line when you plan to pit. Do not dive down from the high or mid line at the last second.

Section 8: Cautions

8.1  LIFT OFF THE THROTTLE! You cannot improve your position (iRacing determines your position at time of caution.)
8.2  HOLD YOU BRAKE if you are stopped until it is clear and safe to straighten your car and resume driving.
8.3  DRIVE CAREFULLY and slowly through the incident.
8.4  CATCH UP QUICKLY so everyone can get into proper position for pitting and restarts.
8.5  LISTEN for pace car position and be prepared to check up.

8.6  If your car is severely damaged or can't catch up quickly, PULL OVER & REQUEST A TOW (reduces black flag potential as cars pit)

8.7  All in-game directions will be followed while under caution. Pay attention and get lined up quickly.
8.8  Run single file under caution, using the low line until iRacing directs otherwise. 
8.9  Maintain a safe pacing distance between you and the vehicle in front of you while single file. Cars should be no closer than one cars length while single            file.

8.10 Any senseless collisions during a caution will result in an End of Longest Line penalty for the driver at fault.  

8.11 Lucky Dog and Wave Around Vehicles are required to drive on the outside (high line) of the field and pass the field safely. 

​Section 9: Black Flags

9.1  Black Flags will not be cleared for pit lane speeding or unsafe pit lane entry/exit unless it's the result of being involved in or avoiding an accident.
9.2  Hitting the apron and causing yourself to spin into the pits does not qualify for BF removal.
9.3  Black flag removal requests are to be done using in-game chat only
       Format: Please remove Black Flag for #67
9.4  Black flags wrongly cleared will result in -10 point penalty.


Section 10: Code of Conduct​

10.1 No calling out drivers about their performance. • No sarcastic comments. • No arguing. • No flaming or cursing. • No name calling or discriminatory                    remarks towards anyone at any time. • No complaining/whining.

10.2 The penalties for breaking the Code of Conduct can consist of written warnings, point deductions, removal from a race, and/or termination from the                     league. Code of conduct applies to all communication platforms including social media (Live Streams, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Discord, Email,
          Text, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Section 11: Scoring​

11.1  Points are awarded by finish position. The race winner will receive 43 pts, second place 42 and so on until all driver positions are accounted for.
11.2  Qualifying pole winner = 1 point.
11.3  Most Laps Led = 1 point.

11.4  Provisional scoring requests be awarded last place points.
11.5  Provisional request must be received prior to qualifying on race day. This can be done via email, FB Messenger, or Discord.
11.6  Each driver is allotted 2 Provisionals per 18 race season.
11.7  Any person who join the league after the start of a season will be awarded points to place them in a tie with the current last place position. 

Section 11A: Penalties

11.8  Caution or Incidents that are deemed avoidable and result from careless/reckless driving: -10 points
11.9  Black flags wrongly cleared: -10 point

11.10  Racers will only incur 1 penalty in any given race for any 2 infractions in the same category: See below for additional infractions.
           Infractions: 1-2 = -10 points
           Infractions: 3-4 = -20 points
           Infractions: 5+ = -30 points plus 10 per each one above 5

Section 11B: Penalty Disputes

11.11  Drivers have the right to question and dispute any penalty.
11.12  Question - Send to or private message #67 Andy Cork using Discord.
11.13  Disputes - Fill out and submit online form using the Disputes Link.
11.14  A driver panel 3 to 5 members will review the replay and render a decision on the validity of the penalty.


Section 12: Attendance

12.1  Drivers who miss 3 consecutive races without communicating with a League Admin will be sent a message via Discord, Facebook, iRacing and/or
12.2  No response after 72 hours will result in removal from the league. 

​​Section 13: Connectivity and Latency

13.1  If a driver is experiencing any noticeable and continued latency (blinking car), he or she will first be asked to go to the back of the field (or in
         extreme cases to exit the race). Scoring will be based on finishing place. Any driver that has continued weekly latency issues may be asked to retire

         from the league.
13.2  If there is a server problem where more than 50% of the field is lost at any point in the race, the admin will either restart or reschedule the race. 

​Section 14: Donations

14.1  There are total yearly costs required to run and maintain this league. Holodeck Racing League membership is FREE and no one is required to or
         should feel obligated to donate anything. I would prefer you purchase needed tracks before even thinking about donating to the league. Donations of
         any amount
are appreciated and will only be used for Holodeck Racing.  

14.2  Donations will be suspended, and the link removed once the league balance is met for 2020 and 2021. See website for Donation Page for details.

Section 15: Notice of Commissioner and Race Admin Rights

15.1  Holodeck league officials reserve the right to amend these rules as needed at any time without notice.
15.2  Holodeck league officials reserve the right to remove anyone from the league for any reason at any time.

You've made it this far. So, if you agree to these rules and like our parameters then please click below 

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Holodeck Racing League is the online home of competitive video game  racing using the iRacing platform for PC users in the U.S and Canada.


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