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The Holodeck Times

VOL 2 No. 1

January 13 &14, 2021

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Holodeck Season Two Underway

TNT Series Starts Holodeck 2021 Season With A Good Fun Race

   #7 James McRae Starts Holocup Season 2 The Same Way He Finished Season 1 With WIN

     Some drivers are just good, some are really lucky, and others are really good and really lucky. To win at Daytona where anything can happen you need to be both and that's just what #7 James McRae was as he crossed the finish line first to win the opening race of Season #2 for Holodeck Racing League's Holocup Series. Each driver and those on race teams all had their strategy on how to be in the race at the end. Cautions were expected with the 29 car field and that played into many of the drivers strategies. Super speedways are tough. One tiny mistake or lack of focus can cost a driver, and anyone unlucky enough to be around them when it happens, position on the track or knock them out of the race entirely. The 80 lap adventure had 5 cautions, but of the 29 starting cars, 14 finished on the lead lap, 5 were 1 lap down, and 4 more were 2 laps down, leaving only 5 cars down and out. Not a single driver earned a standings bonus point for zero (0) iRacing incident points as each driver had at least one.  #52 Joe "Skee" Arambula ran a very cautious race finishing 5 laps down but had only 1 incident point, which was the best. There next two lowest were #13 Will Eastman and race winner #7 James McRae with 4 incident points each. But with Daytona drafting speeds and car proximity, even the best and most cautious drivers can't always avoid sliding and spinning cars and collisions.



















     On the final lap of the race drivers were pushing hard for a good finish. The #13 (#105 in this race) of Will Eastman pushed a little to hard into the #48 Colin Forrester causing multiple cars in the lead pack to go off track and scramble back on to get a respectable finish. All six major incidents (5 of which were cautions) were caused by 6 different drivers and can all be attributed to car control. Two of those incidents were attributed to drivers going below the apron and losing control.       

                                                               Next Wednesday the                                                                       field will take on Michigan                                                                 Speedway for the                                                                             Wolverine 180 . In                                                                           season 1 #58 Blake                                                                         Mosley earned his first                                                                     Holocup victory and is                                                                     the early favorite as he                                                                     also finished 2nd in the                                                                   Spartan 180 which is                                                                       also hosted at Michigan                                                                   but is not on the                                                                               schedule for Season 2.

#61 Leroy Coblentz tries to regain control after hitting the apron and shooting up to the wall. #4 Phil Staneart would successfully avoid any contact but ends up in an eventual self spin

Pushing hard into the final lap

ThundersTruck Season Rolls at Daytona
For The Bud Light Draft 200  

          The first race of the season is in the books. #67 Andy Cork won his first career Holodeck pole position to kick off the very first season of Holodeck's Tuesday night Thunderstruck Series. The field of 22 trucks saw a return to the track, albeit in a truck this time, of many veteran Holodeck drivers and a cast of new ones as well. Last seasons Cup champ #58 Blake Moseley was already in mid season form as he would win the first ever truck race at the Bud Light Draft 200 at Daytona International Speedway. Not far behind him were his cup car series  team-mates from Dirty Boyz Racing, #1 Troy Stuckwish and #28 Jamie Knopf, finishing second and third respectively. Of the new drivers #92 Ed Yurgin finished a respectable 6th in his first ever Holocup race.


  #58 Moseley edges #1 Stuckwish to win the Bud Light Draft 200



   10 different drivers lead a lap in the 80 lap race with Moseley leading the most (24), just 1 more lap than #83 Eric "Dr. Phil" Anderson (23). There were only 2 cautions, the first on lap 17 and the last on lap 22. Phil Staneart #4 car ran the fastest overall lap logging a 48.288 second time. There were 3 drivers that earned an extra bonus point for no (0) incidents. #12 Jason Mears, #28 Jamie Knopf and race winner #58 Blake Moslely.

     The next TNT series race will be January 19th as drivers will try not to lose their mind for the Detroit Rock City 180 at Michigan Speedway.  I'm sure drivers will first drink, then smoke, Start up the car, and I try to make a damn good show.


     Hello everyone and welcome back for a brand new season of Holodeck Racing. I am really excited that each and every one of you have decided to be a driver in this league. I have learned a lot from many of you during the course of our first season and my mission is to make each future season better than the one before. With that will come changes. One thing that will not change is my expectation of what this league is about and who it is for. This league was started to be a home for those who needed to get away from "negative" drivers and over aggressive racing, but to still foster a competitive atmosphere. Sometimes our competitive nature can come out, but remember, we have different talent levels in this league and with that we must have give and take racing. Our objective is to race hard, but always race cautiously and courteously. And most importantly, NO drama.

     Many drivers have shown good progress with their driving skills over the course of season 1. A lot of us still require much needed practice and experience. It is helpful for the league as a whole when those with more experience offer a little help or advice to those that need it. Not criticism or negative feedback, but the encouragement of a positive role model. I appreciate those that were open to giving a few tips and tricks to drivers along the way last season and hope to see more of that in 2021. Unfortunately accidents are going to happen, but it's how we (those that caused it and those that were caught up in it) handle them that counts.


     In closing I want to thank those who started every race in season 1, as well as those that contributed to making Holodeck a friendly racing environment.  I also want to again that all of you who donated to the costs of running this website and hosting races. Muchas Gracias !  I ask that we always race as friends and that we congratulate those that race hard and drive clean and celebrate the race winners. 

Andy Cork - Commissioner

Jayzsocool Stream of the
TNT Daytona Bud Light Draft 200 

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